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About Us


Here we are, welcoming you to the world of gems that you have been looking for since long.

Our Humble beginning,

 Here we are, welcoming you to the World of Gems that you have been looking for since long. Let us introduce ourselves we, Riyas & sons associate emerged way back in the year 1984 with a visionary path simply termed – Unique, venturing with merchants, jewellers, collectors, buyers, entrepreneurs, etc… Hence its humble beginning rose slowly and steadily reaching the level of what we are today, creating a global trend where honesty stands out as the halo of our hallmark.

This made its way to many continents, bringing to life the flagship “The World Gem” in Madagascar, in the hub of Sakaraha where our premier headquarter exist today. Our branches spread across far and wide places namely Illakaka, antananarivo, manombo and Sakaviro.

 All these centres indulge in mining and processing, purchasing and dealing from local dealers. A wide array of gems such as Sapphires, Rubies, Aquamarines, Padparadscha, Alexandrites as well as rare gems known as Taaffeite, Vanadium and Cobalt are there for selection.

A milestone

Above all, the advent of our younger generation with the technical know how of extensive knowledge took control and in 2006 “The Gem World Holdings” was established, turning a new leaf with a difference, towards reputed clients, jewellers and collectors, thus paving the way to create the website for customers convenience in need of the hour.

How Do We Assure?

The mart is flooded with many stores. Why yet another, one wonders in a way. All the difference is nothing other than our courtesy what exactly one desire and you are sure to become a prospective customer.

The simple reason is as follows:

  1. Most of our gems are unearthed from mines in Sri Lanka and Madagascar.
  2. Reasonable, affordable and negotiable.
  3. Natural and authenticated.
  4. Graceful and elegance.
  5. The right temperament.
  6. Its now and never.
  7. is in Sri Lanka a name synonymous with the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’.

Trust and Confidence.

“Where there is no trust there is no love and confidence is a plant of slow growth.”

While saying that every word makes your heart glow from every angle the glamour of life when it comes to a possession in a lifetime. The one you get from us tells the tale of what is in store for your delight. Ours is a rich treasure trove, the very best of its kind. be it a souvenir or an exclusive masterpiece. With such a range it is not only a venture but most of all, meeting different people from the world over fostering new friendship. this is the reason why confidence grow each time when someone approach us. We look at it as an opportunity given with pleasure and with a positive heart. Once the trusted is a bond branded to throw open new horizons.

What is Appealing?

We set before the eyes and through the eyes of love see for yourself what is there for you on our online. In the concept of “Seeing is believing” here is our presentation of worthwhile gems of vivid colours, hues, range and magical combination that will stimulate your likeliness to suit your purpose.

Our craftsmanship has the passion of design from classical era to the modern, enhancing the customers choice when it is felt necessary.


We give your might the freedom of choice if it is put in a situation demanding shipping. Our dispatch service at hand are EMS, DHL, FedEx ect. All gems are newly authenticated as well carries certification by GRS, RGL, EGL, LGL, GIC, AIGS, TGL, GGTL, AGTL ect. recognized worldwide. Your confidence is our great concern. If you have not attained the expected desired result that isn’t an issue as long as we guarantee acceptance of goods return policy with in a time frame.

Our Loyalty pledge

  1. Providing you the top most description available corresponding to origin, colour, generic, weight ect.
  2. Revealing the natural source of a gem.
  3. Everso repaired to serve more than expected in the best interest of customers without sticking to ‘No’ policy.
  4. Serving you the best when it comes to the choice of a gem, to the extent of going beyond the horizon at no additional fee. Click hear for more details.
  5. Settlement and transaction by credit card facility could be exercise through (SSL) page via The direct banking, Western Union and PayPal. we patronise your identity as a priority sacred, to be true.
  6. Shall waste no time. Following the concept of the three A’s as accept, admit, agree the three P’s Pride, Privilege, Priority, the three D’s Determination, Discipline and Decorum.

‘The secret of a Gem is its secret service of silence, the silence of its soothing effects and its graceful charms.’