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All goods are made to perfection on confirmation prior dispatch. Here the question of rejection and return does not apply. As a principle we return “yourself first, others afterwards”.
Goods found not in the late of confirmed specification is considered subject to return. “RETURN” is a distant dream in the concept of our policy.

In the event of a return it must be brought to the notice within 30 days in its absolute form without traces of abnormalities while in your custody.

We reserve the right to refuse, reject and accept if found to be in unsatisfactory condition.

Replacement is most encouraging and shall warrent unconditional service by expectation.

Rejection is a polution in our policy, purified and glorified. Before rejection one should closely or verify and brought to our native at the shortest period of time.

We believe that a rejection is a regret that rejects the relationship you have with us.

We always guarantee to maintain our dignity by simply following the 4’R disciplines.


Our receiving goods returned tag, a general inspection will be carried out as a usual proceedure. Finding the article perfect as expected we waste no time to expidite refund at short notice.

Can expect the refund in the same manner as it had been during the course of transection.

Return shipping expenses will be borne by the sender and original shipping fee are now refundable in the event of an error entereel on our part.


Avoid undertaking tampered on pilfered package and bring it to the notice of the courier in order to evaluate the damage and to decide the next course of action all in the best interest of the customers. It is advisable to take pixes of such articles and rush to us by email