The Gem World Holdings (PVT) LTD | Ceylon Gem and Jewellery in Sri Lanka

Delivery Information


  • When it comes to shipping we are bound to guarantee self assurance expedite at short notice much to your comfort.
  • Inbound service is exempted on all articles made in Sri Lanka and $55 levied for outbound service.
  • As a routine it becomes the responsibility of the Buyer in the exent of Customs/Duties/Vat Tax/Local Tax if the need arise.
  • Articles detained or delayed by customs does not concern our responsibility.
  • It is the resposibility of the Buyer to know the first hand proceedures of Customs… Duties… Taxes and other surcharges coresponding to international orders.
  • Insurance depends upon the purchase made. All purchase orders exceeding $250 comply with insurance. Shipping cost remain intact while postage covered fully as a result of goods lost during the course of shipping.
  • All pleasant orders are duly executed on weekdays excluding public holidays.
  • On receiving your modest orders we shall ensure you receive within 48 hours bringing to your attention by emailing pertaining to shipment details.
Any further querries please do not hesitate to call on us on +94778628545 or reach by email